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Edward Baxter

As an ASE certified Master Automotive Technician in Colorado Springs, Edward Baxter provides comprehensive vehicle diagnosis, repair and services. Edward's primary focus is to take care of the owner.  By taking a comprehensive approach and having the knowledge of system fundamentals, he is able to correctly and efficiently diagnose a vehicle.  Edward takes the time to get to know you and your vehicle, to listen to your needs and will work closely with you through an ongoing relationship to ensure your vehicle is well cared for.

An automotive technician for over 25 years, he devotes his training and expertise to import vehicles with a love for electrical/computer systems diagnosis and fixing the most challenging of vehicle issues.

You may remember Ed from Highland Automotive. He was there for over 18 years !!  After Highland Automotive, Ed worked for Prescott Import Car Service in Prescott, AZ which is an authorized Volkswagen Warranty Service Center.            

Patricia Baxter

As Baxter's Automotive Business Manager, Patricia assists vehicle owners with scheduling and manages business operations. Patricia brings over 20 years experience in client relations and office management to Baxter's Automotive. 

Jax and Sam

As Baxter's Automotive Mascots, Jax and Sam are periodically in the office.  They enjoy meeting new people, getting pats on the head and watching Ed work on vehicles.  Jax, in his retired years, spends most of his time relaxing on his shop pillow. Sam will, on occasion, provide administrative support to Patricia.  

Jax ( Siberian Husky )

Sam (Black Lab Mix )